Planning Consultation;

Great Yarmouth Local Plan – ‘Call for Sites and Policy Suggestions’ 2016

Regulation 18 – Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012

Great Yarmouth Borough Council is preparing the Local Plan Part 2: Detailed Policies and Site Allocations, which (once finalised) will allocate land for new development and apply policies to meet local needs in the Borough up to 2030. As part of this process the Council is seeking suggestions of what should be included in the plan.

This call for suggestions is an opportunity (until Friday 30th September 2016) for developers, landowners, individuals or other interested parties to suggest sites for allocation for development for housing (including gypsy & traveller sites), employment, retail, tourism, community facilities, green infrastructure or other types of development.  Sites or localities/areas may also be suggested for special policy treatment (e.g. protection, designation or particular requirements for their development, etc.), and other matters suggested for inclusion in the Detailed Policies and Site Allocations document.

It is important to understand that

(a)    the choices of sites and policies will have to be compatible with the already adopted Core Strategy (the Local Plan Part 1), especially the overall scale, distribution and type of development identified in it, and have regard to the National Planning Policy Framework;

(b)   suggestions of policies and sites will have most chances of success if their relevance to the Core Strategy is demonstrated;

(c)    sites proposed for development will also be most likely to be successful if they are demonstrated to be available and developable;

(d)   sites within the designated Broads ‘national park’ area will not be included (the Broads Authority is the local planning authority for the Broads and produces a separate local plan for that area). 

How to Submit Suggestions

If you have a suggestion of a development site, area policy or other matter for inclusion, please click here to download and complete the ‘Call for Sites and Policy Suggestions’ form, further copies are available from Great Yarmouth Town Hall.  Completed forms should be returned, with a scaled site plan if a development site is proposed, to the Strategic Planning team or to by Friday 30th September 2016.

If you have previously submitted a site for consideration, please indicate its continued availability by completing the form and provide the latest details, highlighting that it is a previously submitted site. New or more up-to-date information about previously submitted sites will help inform their reconsideration, such as changes in ownership or information in relation to their availability or deliverability. Sites which are not confirmed as still available for development will be assumed to be unavailable and not included or assessed in this process.  Except for this, all sites put forward will be considered to assess their potential suitability for allocation for development or special policy treatment in the Local Plan. 

What Happens Next?

All suggestion and sites put forward will be assessed, and the most suitable used in preparing the Local Plan Part 2: Detailed Policies and Site Allocations, which (once finalised) will allocate land for new development and apply policies to meet local needs in the Borough up to 2031.

Sites proposed for development will also be reviewed through a process known as the Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA).  This is intended to monitor whether the Borough has enough realistic housing and economic development land available at any time, and is expected to be completed in advance of the plan document. 

It is important to note that the inclusion of a site in the SHELAA does not represent policy, and does not provide any indication as to whether they may be allocated in the Local Plan or that it will be granted planning permission. (The SHELAA identifies land which might be developed, as opposed to the plan which will identify land which should be developed and will influence decisions on planning applications.)

Further Consultation

The Borough Council will publish a Consultation Draft of its Detailed Policies and Site Allocations Document (currently anticipated early in 2017), representing its initial thinking.  This will be publicised, providing an opportunity for comment by anyone interested. Those comments will be taken into account by the Borough Council before it finalises its proposals.  There will then be another opportunity for comments, which will be considered by an independent planning inspector who will decide whether the Borough Council can adopt the proposed plan document.

Further Queries

Should you have any further questions on this matter, please contact the Strategic Planning team on 01493 846688 or by email



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Policing update:

The following is a local policing update for the Rural Flegg Villages neighbourhood

Weekly crime summary 25 August 2016     

Norfolk Police are reminding residents of the importance of water safety as the current warm weather looks to continue over the bank holiday weekend.

We would urge people to be aware of the potential dangers of swimming in the sea or diving into rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

·         Beware of powerful tidal waters and always read and obey any safety signs.

·         Do not jump or dive into rivers. Quick entry into cold water can cause your body to go into shock. Low water temperature can numb limbs and claim lives.

·         You won’t be able to judge the depth of water just by looking and there could be submerged hazards such as weeds, rubbish or pollution.

·         There may be strong currents, which could pull you downstream or under the surface of the water.

·         Never go into water if you have been drinking alcohol.

·         Don’t assume because you can swim in a pool that you can deal with the challenges of open water swimming. Swim in safe areas, or where there is supervision and/or a lifeguard.

 Advice to motorbike and moped owners

We continue to see a number of mopeds and low cc motorbikes stolen across the neighbourhood, which are very appealing to thieves due to how easy they are to steal and pass on.  Frustratingly some of these have been bikes with very few security measures protecting them.  Even very basic security measures can deter the opportunist thief.

·         Never leave your keys with the motorbike or moped.

·         Try to use a designated motorcycle parking place with a stand and security loop. If you have a garage, fit strong locks and invest in a ground anchor.

·         Cover your machine if possible

·         Always put the steering lock on

·         If you have a security device, use it

·         Fit an industry approved electronic immobiliser – this may also help reduce your insurance costs

·         Register your vehicle at


We are also asking members of the public to be vigilant for suspicious activity around motorbikesand would urge anyone with information about the thefts, or who has been offered a bike for sale in suspicious circumstances, to get in touch with police on 101.

 Pilot launch to help residents in Gorleston access more police services

Norfolk Constabulary is working with Norfolk County Council’s Library and Information Service to test a new way of helping residents access more police services in libraries.

The six month trial will run from the end of September in Gorleston and will involve library staff signposting customers to police services, while also helping them complete online self-reporting forms, a function which will soon be available as part of the Constabulary’s new website.

Library staff will also be able to help customers with online enquiries about lost and found items; however members of the public will not be able to take these items to the library.

Members of the public who require an emergency response from Norfolk Constabulary should call 999 or dial 101 for less-urgent crime reporting or to speak to a specific officer or member of staff.

Police Connect

 Please note that due to the introduction of new software the Police Connect service has altered.

We will continue to provide a weekly update and overview for your area and will highlight any crime trends or issues that you need to be aware of.  Urgent crime updates or appeals for information will also be issued as necessary.

News, appeals and information can also be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


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Council Vacancy

Councillor Vacancy

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Exercise Classes:

Are there any particular type of exercise class you would like to see at the Community Centre?  Please let the Parish Clerk know;  or telephone 749938

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Vacancy for Parish Councillor;

Following the resignation of Cllr Wendy Llewellyn the Parish Council has notified Great Yarmouth Borough Council that there is a vacancy.

The Borough Council will generate notices which will give members of the Parish the opportunity to request an election to fill the vacancy, these will be on all noticeboards.

If an election is called, the normal process will be followed with those putting themselves forward for nomination via Great Yarmouth Borough Council and a poll taken.

If no election is requested the vacancy will be advertised and those interested will apply to the Parish Council who will fill the vacancy by co-option.

If you  have any questions, or would like to discuss becoming a Councillor, please contact the Parish Clerk or any Councillor who will be pleased to discuss this with you.

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Planning Application received from Great Yarmouth Borough Council;

Planning Application received and available for inspection at the Parish office;

06/16/0480/F – The Old Granary, 52 The Green, Martham.

Demolition of single storey side extension and conservatory at rear. Erection of two storey side extension and single storey rear extension.

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Planning Notification received from Great Yarmouth Borough Council;

Planning Decision Received:
06/16/0366/F – 5 & 7 Repps Road (Site Adjacent) – Erection of 1 bedroomed house.
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Policing Update:

The following is a local policing update for the Rural Flegg Villages neighbourhood

Weekly crime summary 16 August 2016    

Great Yarmouth Operational Partnership Team has been working on building evidence against some of the most prolific offenders of Anti-Social Behaviour in the Borough. In the last 12 months seven Criminal Behaviour Orders have been sought through the courts and all of these have been granted, putting restrictions on offenders who have been the cause of a high percentage of offences.

Only yesterday the most recent order was granted, stopping a habitual street drinker from being allowed to drink alcohol in the street and also from calling emergency services when there is no real emergency, which he had been doing, sometimes several times a day.

The team is currently waiting for two further orders to be heard at court and are also waiting for an amendment to an old order to be heard as the offender has altered his pattern of behaviour but has continued to behave in an anti-social manner.

Some other examples of conditions granted by the Courts across a few different Orders are:

·         Not to use threating abusive or insulting words or behaviour or disorderly behaviour within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress

·         Not to video record, audio record or take pictures of any persons in a public place or pretend to do any of the above.

·         Not to make any malicious complaints against any of your neighbours in the county of Norfolk, to Police or other agencies

·         Not to enter any public inn, club, restaurant, café or any premises selling alcohol for consumption on the premises within the borough of Great Yarmouth


The issuing of these orders has significantly reduced demand on local officers, thus allowing them to deal with real emergency calls and tend to neighbourhood issues


Police appeal for information following burglary in Great Yarmouth

At some point on Friday 12 August between 3:00pm and 7.00pm, offenders gained entry to a property on Dickens Avenue. It is currently believed that items were moved but nothing was taken.

Police would like to speak to anyone who may have witnessed any suspicious behaviour in or around the location around the times specified.

Anyone with any information should contact Norfolk Police on 101 or alternatively contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Additional Planning information received at the Parish Office;

Application; 06/16/0435/O – Repps Road (Land south of) Martham.

Outline application with all matters reserved apart from access for up to 144 new dwellings.

Revised information received at the Parish Office in respect of the above application and available to view.

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FIrst Tier Land Registration Ajudication received:

Martham Parish Council is pleased to be able to say that the adjudication of the Case concerning vehicular access over the village green has been received from H M Courts and Tribunal Service.

The application for vehicular access to the property on the Green has been dismissed.

Given that the Parish Council has won the Case it will now be seeking reimbursement of costs incurred.

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