Reporting of Crimes:

The Parish Office has just had a visit from the PCSO to report the graffiti on the noticeboard as a crime.

Martham area has now lost one of the PCSO’s, and now have a Beat Manager, Mr Dick Cook and one PCSO Mr Paul Edwards.

The office has been asked to pass along to parishioners the need to report, officially, by telephoning 101, all crimes so that they are recorded, no matter how minor.

Sometimes crimes are linked, additional, similar crimes help detection and apprehension of criminals.

Also, and just as importantly, crime figures are maintained for all areas and resources allocated accordingly. If crimes are occurring, but are not being reported and recorded in Martham, it does not give a fair representation.

If spates of crimes occur, like criminal damage, or theft, then extra resources are tasked to an area and cars will patrol to increase security and the chance of catching the criminals responsible.

The police who look after the Martham area would encourage all residents to report crimes on 101, however minor they are considered by the person discovering them, or the victim of them.

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