Martham Litter Pick Cleans Up!

Martham’s 50 litter pickers braved the showers yesterday to fill up over 20 bags of rubbish from around the village.

Martham Litter Pick 2015 | Martham Parish Council | Norfolk

Over 20 of the volunteers were young people from the Brownies, Rainbows and Youth Club.

Beating records from previous annual litter picks the teams covered 7 more areas of Martham than last time. Organiser Councillor Paul Hooper divides up a map of the village into 12 zones for litter pickers to focus on and ten of these have been given a clean sweep.

Sue Hooper was also on hand to serve tea and biscuits to everyone who returned with a bagful.

A great effort! Thank you everyone.

Of course, villagers can litter-pick at anytime so if you’ve been inspired to keep our streets litter free do it safely and dispose of your bags of litter at the local recycling centre.


Here are some safety tips:

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