Consultation over Planning:

Want to have your say on planning and the future plans for Martham? This is the document that is amending the planning in the village:

The consultation on the proposed Modifications to the Core Strategy commences at 9am on Monday 11 May 2015 to 5pm on Tuesday 23 June 2015. During this time you are invited to make comments on the Main Modifications and the accompanying Sustainability Appraisal. The Inspector will consider all comments made on the Main Modifications prior to issuing his final recommendations in the Inspector’s Report.

Core Strategy Examination

The Borough Council submitted the Core Strategy to the Government in April 2014 and the Planning Inspector (Mr Malcolm Rivett) held an Examination in Public with hearing sessions between 25 and 27 November 2014. A number of changes to the Core Strategy are now being proposed, which reflect the discussions at the Hearing Sessions. These changes are known as Modifications and there are two types; Main and Additional. Main Modifications change a policy and are considered by the Inspector to be necessary to make the plan sound or legally compliant. Additional Modifications don’t change a policy and are generally factual updates and corrections. This consultation is on the Main Modifications only however, the Additional Modifications have also been published for reference.

This consultation is your chance to tell us whether the proposed Main Modifications are ‘legally compliant’ (meet the relevant legislation) and whether they are ‘sound’ (positively prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy). Comments on the proposed Main Modifications can only be accepted if they relate to soundness and legal compliance. Please note that comments on any other matter, such as the content of the Core Strategy, will not be accepted as this consultation is concerned with the Main Modifications only.

Viewing the consultation documents

The Modification Schedules, accompanying Sustainability Appraisal and Habitat Regulations Assessment will be available to inspect at the Town Hall in Great Yarmouth, at all public libraries throughout the borough during normal opening hours and on the Council’s website at…/local-plan/cs-…/index.htm

Making a Comment

The easiest way to make comments on the consultation documents is by using the online Local Plan Consultation Portal or filling in a Local Plan Comments Form, which you can download from the website. Copies will also be made available at the Town Hall in Great Yarmouth and all libraries throughout the Borough during the consultation period. A Local Plan Comments Form can also be posted out on request, along with a freepost envelope if required. Completed Local Plan Comments Forms should be sent to the Strategic Planning Team using the details on the webpage.

Please note that only comments made through the Local Plan Consultation Portal or on the Local Plan Comments Form will be accepted. Your comments must be received by 5pm on Tuesday 23rd June 2015. Comments received after this deadline cannot be accepted.

For further information regarding this consultation, the Core Strategy, the draft Infrastructure Plan or the emerging Local Plan please contact a member of the Strategic Planning Team on 01493 846688 or email

David Glason
Group Manager: Growth

Strategic Planning, Housing & Regeneration Development
Great Yarmouth Borough Council

Correspondence Address: Strategic Planning, Housing and Regeneration Development, Town Hall, Hall Plain, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR30 2QF

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