Meet GYBC’s planners: housing, infrastructure, conservation and more.

You asked us, we listened. At a recent meeting with villagers, more information was requested about how planning works.

This meeting will give you the chance to ask Great Yarmouth Borough Council’s Strategic Planning Team all about their plans for Martham and how you can have your say.

Note: This is not a Community Led Plan meeting.

Here are some of the things the meeting will cover:

An explanation of where we are at in terms of GYBC’s Local Plan (Not to be confused with Martham Parish Council’s Community Led Plan), what the next stage will be and what the implications will potentially be for Martham.

How you can best get involved with shaping and owning the process of development in Martham.

Q & A with representatives from GYBC’s Strategic Planning team.

Myth-busting about planning.

Martham Infrastructure | Martham Parish Council | Norfolk

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