Policing update;

The following is a local policing update for the Rural Flegg Villages neighbourhood

 Weekly crime summary 14 – 20 October 2015

We would like to remind residents that with Halloween soon approaching there are a few safety steps that can be taken, whether you are staying in and do not wish to be called upon or if your children are taking part in ‘Trick and Treating’.

·         ‘Trick and Treat not welcome’ posters will soon be available from Great Yarmouth Police Station’s front office. These are for residents who do not wish to be called upon during the evening of Halloween. They can be easily displayed in a front window to discourage Trick and Treating.  Please call 101 and ask for a poster to be dropped off to you or visit the desk at Yarmouth Police Station to pick one up.

·         If you have persistent callers or any anti-social behaviour towards you or your property during Halloween please call 101 to report it or 999 if you are in fear and believe a crime is being committed.

·         If you can, take time to check on vulnerable neighbours and relatives.

·         If your children are taking part in Trick and Treating please reinforce some guidelines for calling at neighbouring addresses:

·         Please do not allow children to call at homes which are displaying ‘Trick or Treat not welcome’ posters

·         Please do not allow children to call at sheltered housing complexes or care homes

·         Please remind children that throwing eggs and flour at property is not permitted and could result in calls to police for criminal damage or anti-social behaviour

·         Please accompany young children

·         Please remind children not to enter the homes of strangers even if invited to

·         Remind children of road safety; the clocks go back on October 25 so the evenings will be darker

Local shops will be encouraged not to sell eggs and flour to children in the run up to Halloween and community officers will be patrolling locally during the evening.

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