Parish Council Vacancy:


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a casual vacancy exists in the office of Parish Councillor for the Parish of Martham.

An election to fill the said vacancy will be held within sixty days (computed in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act, 1972) of the date of this Notice, if by the 6 December 2016 a request for such an election is made in writing to the Returning Officer by TEN electors for the said Parish.  In the event of no such request being received within the requisite period, the Council of the Parish of Martham will fill the vacancy on that Council by co-option.

Notices and requests by electors in connection with this vacancy should be delivered to Sheila Oxtoby, Returning Officer, Town Hall, Great Yarmouth, NR30 2QF.

Ms Sarah Hunt

Clerk to the Martham Parish Council





Dated this 16th day of November, 2016




Published by the Returning Officer

Printed by Great Yarmouth Borough Council, Town Hall, Great Yarmouth, NR30 2QF.

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