Police and Crime Plan Consultation – have your say:

Do you believe the police and crime priorities of Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) are still the right ones? Are there any emerging issues that you feel should be taken into account? 

These are the questions your PCC, Stephen Bett, is asking during a month-long consultation.

Stephen said: “In the run-up to the first PCC elections almost two years ago, and in the months after I took office, I spent some time listening to communities, local groups and partner organisations across Norfolk and they told me their crime and policing concerns. That feedback became the foundation upon which I built my Police and Crime Plan for Norfolk.

“I believe the time is right to take a fresh look at my plan.  I want to be sure the focus is absolutely where it should be and I would value people’s input”.

To have your say and offer your suggestions to Stephen complete the online survey.

Copyright © 2014 Office of the Police and Crime and Commissioner for Norfolk, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:

Office of the Police and Crime and Commissioner for Norfolk

Building 8, Falconers Chase

WymondhamNorfolk NR18 0WW

United Kingdom

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