Post Office Consultation

The Post Office are consulting on the proposed change of location from the current shop into the Co-Operative Shop on the Village Green.

The Post Office will change to a ‘local style branch:
Post Office services will be offered from a till on the retail counter.
It will be open 7am to 9pm.
The majority of services will still be available.

There is a six week public consultation – The Post Office is seeking feedback on items such as:
How suitable is the proposed new premises and how accessible.
Do you have any concerns about the proposal.
Do you have any suggestions.
Are there any community issues this will affect.

The consultation starts on 28th october, closes on 9th December and the change of location is anticipated for February/March 2015.

Changes to services are:
Only Express 24 and 48 parcels will be available.
No parcelforce worldwide international parcel service available.
No Transcash without barcode available.
No NS & I Premium Savings Bond available.
No on demand travel insurance available – but referrals will be.
There is a National Lottery Terminal
Cheques only accepted for car tax.

All other services will remain the same.

Comments submitted will not be confidential unless marked ‘IN CONFIDENCE’.

THE CODE FOR THIS BRANCH CONSULTATION IS 43113699 – please quote this on all feedback.

You can make your comments known here:

or by telephoning 08457 22 33 44

The original letter and detailed changes are available at the Parish Office if you would like to view them.

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