Bus Service to ACLE

There is a bus service from Martham to Acle and back – call 01493 752223 to book (preferably 24 hours notice). College and other bus passes all accepted. It meets the X1 for onward travel into Norwich.

Martham to Acle
6.30am arriving 7.10
7.25am arriving 8.00
11.30am arriving 12 midday
2.15pm arriving 2.45pm

coming back from Acle; 1.50pm, 4.45pm, 5.30/45pm, 6.30pm.

This service connects with the X1 into Norwich – and costs £1.70 single or £3.00 return. A through ticket to Norwich is availalble including the X1 for £2.80 single or £4.50 return.

Please pass this along to anyone who may benefit from using service.

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