Vacancy for Parish Councillor:



Notice is hereby given that by reason of the resignation of Councillor Murrant a vacancy has occurred among the members of the Parish Council.

Any person willing to fill this vacancy should apply to the Clerk in writing on or before the 5th February 2015.

The applicant’s name must appear on the current register of the Voters List or the applicant should during the whole of the twelve months preceding the relevant date resided in or within three miles of the parish or the applicant’s only place of work during the whole of the twelve months preceding the relevant date is in the parish.  The applicant must not be debarred from standing as a Councillor.

PUBLIC elections cannot be held until the year 2016 but for the interim period election to the aforesaid Council will be voted for by the present sitting number of Councillors.

Mrs Sarah Hunt

Clerk to the Council

5th January 2015

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