Policing Summary:

The following is a local policing update for the Rural Flegg Villages neighbourhood
Weekly crime summary 25 – 31 March 2015

When people think of vehicle crime the issue of smashed windows and missing stereos or sat navs always spring to mind. However, over recent weeks we have had a spate of other items being stolen from vehicles. Catalytic converters are always popular due to the expensive metal they contain that can be easily recycled and sold on but historically we have also had hubcaps, wheel trims and light fittings.

You can reduce the chances of being a victim of this type of crime by trying to park your vehicle on a drive or within view of your house and in a well-lit area if possible.

Please remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity around yours or your neighbour’s vehicles to the Police using 101 or 999 in an emergency.

Norfolk Homewatch Association

Please can all coordinators and members of Norfolk Home Watch register on the Neighbourhood Watch ‘Our Watch’ website –http://www.ourwatch.org.uk/

Once on the site you can search for your area by putting in a postcode. Registration is easy and basic details are all that’s needed: name, contact email, address and telephone numbers.

Once the form is completed this will go into the Alert Database system and we, Norfolk Home Watch, will be moving over to using this system for communication with members and running alongside Police Connect.

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