Policing Summary:

Weekly crime summary 22 – 28 April 2015

 As we head into May, we will start looking forward to some warmer weather and people will be turning to gardening and other outdoor activities.

 One area of crime prevention we often find lacking at this time is around sheds, garages and other out buildings. For ease and routine we leave these buildings either unlocked or secured using the cheapest of locks, however, they often contain a number of items which are expensive to replace, such as bikes, lawn mowers and garden tools.  They also provide any potential burglar with the perfect tools to break into your house; a spade to lift your patio doors, a hammer to smash your windows and saws to cut through safety chains.

 Securing these out buildings can deter the opportunist thief and make it more difficult to target your property.

 If you would like a free crime prevention survey please feel free to request one using the 101 number and also use this number to report any suspicious activity.  If you believe a crime is actually in progress or you have an emergency please always dial 999.

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