Policing Update;

Weekly crime summary 22 December 2015

 Norfolk Police urge communities to think about home security and extend the ‘gift of safety’ to vulnerable people this Christmas

 Police in Norfolk are asking residents to give the ‘gift of safety’ this Christmas, by looking out for vulnerable relatives and neighbours, in addition to thinking about their own home security.

At this time of year some people may feel more vulnerable as it gets darker earlier and they may feel more confined to their homes, having less interaction with family, friends and neighbours.

By taking the time to check on the welfare of someone you know that may be in that situation you can give them the reassurance that they are not alone and help to make them feel safe.

Checking that they have good home security measures and procedures in place will help make them less likely to be a victim of crime. This includes ensuring that they have adequate physical security such as robust door and window locks and that they routinely keep them secured.

Due to the mild weather residents are leaving windows open for fresh air and opportunistic thieves are using these open windows as a way of entering property; with Christmas presents on display we can only imagine that this will continue to be an issue.  Police are reminding all residents to use the ‘close it, lock it, check it’ system for home security, double checking that windows and doors are properly secured to help prevent burglary.

With the festive period approaching Norfolk Police also want to remind residents not to advertise their homes to thieves by leaving their property in darkness.

A house left in total darkness is an advertisement that the property is empty, Leaving a light on is effective in making burglars think twice. It may be worth investing in timer switches which can be fitted to lights and radios, especially if you are planning on being away over the festive period.

Do also make sure that ladders or tools are not left insecure in your garden as these can be used to break into a property.

Lastly, do of course double check that all your doors and windows are properly locked.

Police rely heavily on information from members of the public about crimes being committed. Officers continue to encourage everyone to remain vigilant to suspicious activity in their neighbourhoods, reporting anything they see or hear that seems out of place and help our communities to have a safe, crime-free Christmas.

If you believe a crime is in progress you are asked to call the police immediately on 999. For less urgent matters call 101.

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