Policing update;

The following is a local policing update for the Rural Flegg Villages neighbourhood

Weekly crime summary 26 January 2016

Police in Great Yarmouth are asking people to make sure they secure their cycles after a number of cycles have been stolen across the District.

Cyclists are reminded to:

· Always lock you cycle, even if you’re only leaving it for a moment. We recommend a heavy D-lock is used.

· Where possible leave your cycle in a well-lit area where it may be overlooked or where there may be CCTV coverage.

· Lock your bike through the frame and secure removable parts

· Make the lock or chain hard to manoeuvre when parked and face the lock towards the ground to make it difficult to pick

· At home keep your bike out of public view, preferably in a shed, garage or inside your property

· Secure your cycle to an immovable object for added security

If you see anyone acting suspiciously near a cycle storage area or an unattended cycle, call the police straight away.

If you are looking to buy a second hand cycle, please buy from a reputable person or outlet. Be suspicious if a high quality cycle is being offered for sale at an unexpectedly low price, or in suspicious circumstances. If police enquiries show you have purchased a stolen cycle, the cycle will be seized and returned to the original owner and may make you liable for arrest.

Again, if you have any concerns, call police on 101.

Detective appeal for information in relation to a 40-year-old murder case

Detectives investigating a 40-year-old murder case have confirmed the victim, found headless at Cockley Cley, was probably a mother.

BBC 1 feature show Inside Out last night focussed on the highly unusual circumstances surrounding the death of the young woman, whose body was discovered in heath land off Swaffham Road in the village on 27 August 1974.

Tests on her remains had revealed the woman, whose identity remains a mystery, suggested she had probably given birth to a child or children.

It is possible that with the advances we have made in recent years in science and technology we could use the DNA recovered to link the woman to a living family member which could provide the breakthrough in the case.

Scientist employed as part of the investigation believe the victim had spent time in an area defined central Europe this would encompass Denmark, Germany, Austria and Northern Italy.

Another interesting feature was her diet, which appeared to be predominately fish/shellfish. This led us to one report of a woman known as ‘The Duchess’, who lived and worked around Yarmouth docks and was thought to be from Denmark. She was known to people in the Great Yarmouth area around 1973/74 but one day just disappeared. It may be that ‘The Duchess’ has nothing to do with this enquiry but we would very much like to be able to eliminate her as the victim at Cockley Cley as we have been unable to establish her true identity.

If anyone does have any knowledge of who the ‘The Duchess’ may have been or has any information about the victim at Cockley Cley we would be very pleased to speak to them in confidence if necessary. We believe the victim was murdered in the first or second week of August 1974, so would ask members of the public, is there a female relative, friend, neighbour or colleague who disappeared about this time and has not been seen since? This would apply even if you reported her missing to the police at the time.

Anyone with information to the case or believes they have may know the victim should contact the investigation team on 01953 424520.

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