The Parish Council;

This year is an election year for the Parish Council at Martham.  All of the present Councillors stand down, and a new Parish Council will be elected on 5th May.

Anyone who lives, or works, within 3 miles of the village can stand as Councillor – with a few exceptions – if you are interested in standing the Clerk would be very happy to talk to you if you have any questions, or need to clarify anything at all.

The commitment is for one meeting a month, except for August and to keep up to date with the necessary paperwork and legislation to enable you to make informed decisions.  The Council operates as a corporate body and all decision making is within monthly meetings by vote.

The calendar, nomination forms and additional information for the election can be found on the Electoral Commission website here;

Nomination forms can be downloaded, or will be available from the Parish Clerk in a few weeks.  They have to be hand delivered to Great  Yarmouth Borough Council between the end of March and 4pm on the 7th April, and you need to be nominated and seconded by a member of the Parish – their electoral role numbers can be obtained from the Parish Office.

After the 7th April all those standing will be published.  If there are 11 or less, then they will become ‘elected’ members automatically (an unopposed election).  Any unfilled positions on the Council will then be filled by co-option.  This is when an individual applies directly to the Council, and their appointment is agreed by those elected.

If there are more than 11 people standing then there will be a Parish Poll on the 5th May, and the 11 that receive the most votes will be elected.

Being a Councillor can be challenging, but as a Councillor you can have a positive impact on the future of the village.  It is a good way to be involved in village life, and make a difference to where you live.

There is a Good Councillors Guide here; and a lot of support available from the Clerk in taking up the role.

If you have any interest in standing, or would like to know more about the work of the Council in Martham, then all meetings can be attended by members of the Public, and the Clerk is a good source of information.   The Parish Office can be contacted on 01493 749938 or email; [email protected].

All of the relevant dates will be published on both the website, facebook page, and noticeboards.

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