Policing Update:

The following is a local policing update for the Rural Flegg Villages neighbourhood

Weekly crime summary 31 May 2016

Officers from Great Yarmouth continue to focus their efforts to extinguish a recent spate of anti-social behaviour and arsons across the borough.

Although the fires have been of a relatively low level officers would like to reassure the public that steps are being made to tackle these issues.

Sergeant Julie Johnson said, “We take all reports of anti-social behaviour very seriously and appreciate how much of an impact it can have on your lives. Setting objects on fire can be a criminal offence and it will not be tolerated.”

Various incidents have been reported over the last couple of months and two teenagers have been arrested.

On Saturday 14 April 2016 a bush and some cardboard was set alight on Laurel Drive in Bradwell. A 13 year old boy from the Great Yarmouth area was arrested for the offence and is currently on police bail until Wednesday 22 June 2016.

On Tuesday 17 April 2016 some shrublands were set on fire in East Anglian Way in Gorleston. A 13 year old boy from the Gorleston area has since been arrested and is currently on police bail until Friday 1 July 2016.

Anyone who may see any suspicious activity in the borough, particularly relating to Anti-Social Behaviour or arsons, are encourage to report issues to us via our 101 number or tweet us @GYarmouthPolice using‪#‎ActionOnASBGorleston‬.

Alternatively, you can contact independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or via their anonymous online form atwww.crimestoppers-uk.org.

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