Have you thought about being a Special Constable:

Special Constables sought for Norfolk

‘You can be special’ is the message from Norfolk’s Special Constabulary as part of a new initiative aimed at attracting more volunteers.

The campaign has been launched at this year’s Norfolk Show with the unveiling of a series of banners showing Specials in their ‘day job’ attire and police uniform.

The Special Constabulary is a voluntary body to help the regular police force in meeting the policing needs of the community and Norfolk currently has 259 within its ranks.

Larissa D’Cruze who is one of the three Specials pictured on the banners and who is based in Norwich, said: “I wanted to join the Specials to do something a bit different and see if being a police officer is the career for me.”

24-year-old Larissa, whose day job is as a researcher for Norfolk Constabulary, added: “I have had to deal with situations I never imagined I could beforehand, and I really enjoy helping and talking to members of the public. Being a Special has been a lot of fun and been lucky enough to work alongside some great people, both other Specials and regular colleagues.”

Special Constables provide a vital link in the partnership between the police service and the public. Their roles include providing highly visibility patrols and helping police major incidents and events. A number of Specials also work in specialist areas within Norfolk including Roads Policing and Rural Crime.

Mum-of -two Kirsty Holdsworth, aged 32 who is based in Norwich, added: “Being a Special constable has given me an insight into the career of a police officer and the daily issues they deal with. I love the fact that we are all treated equally regardless of rank, we work together as a team to get the job done.

“Since becoming a Special constable I have dealt with things I never thought possible, however the training I received was brilliant which enabled me to deal with these situations with confidence.

“No two days are the same and it is that excitement and new challenges  that makes me love being part of the Special Constabulary.”

Terry Ash, age 35, who is an Openreach engineer by day and works as a Special in Earlham, said: “I wanted to become a Special constable to do something different, to push myself and to give back to my local community.

“I feel privileged to work alongside some incredibly dedicated colleagues within the Special Constabulary and the regular force.

“The sense of pride I feel in being able to help someone when they most need it and to be able to make a difference to them and the local community is something truly special.

“The training I’ve had and the skills I’ve developed since being a Special, such as team work, working under pressure and communication techniques, have transferred to my day job at Openreach, who as a company, are massively supportive of my work as a Special.”

Specials Manager, Sue Goode, said: “While we currently have 259 Specials working tirelessly across the county we are always keen to recruit more. We are very grateful to Larissa, Kirsty and Terry for the time and commitment they have given to us, they are a true credit to the Special Constabulary family and we hope their dedication will serve to encourage others to volunteer.”

Norfolk’s Special Chief Officer Malcolm Pearson MBE, added: “We are always on the look-out for committed individuals who are keen to experience the world of policing while supporting their local community. If you feel you have the time to commit please make contact as you too can be Special.”

Deputy Chief Constable Charlie Hall, said: “Special constables play an invaluable part in supporting the work of Norfolk Constabulary and the service we provide to local people.”

Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Lorne Green, said: “Our Special Constabulary is an excellent example of how the specialist skills, experience, and dedication of volunteers can add significant value to what our police service does.

“The Special Constabulary is a highly valued part of Norfolk’s policing family and they continue to bring the police and public even closer together.

Anyone interested in joining the Special Constabulary can visit our website at www.norfolk.police.uk or for an informal chat about the role telephone 01953 425699 extension 2371.

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