Police Safer Community Awards:

Norfolk Safer Community Awards (NOSCAs) 2016

Has your local police officer, member of police staff or community volunteer gone that extra mile for you?

Is there something they do for your community that you would like to acknowledge?

Norfolk Constabulary is asking you to show your appreciation by voting for them in our annual Norfolk Safer Community Awards (NOSCAs).

Now entering its ninth year, the NOSCAs offer people the opportunity to support the continued efforts of their local community and Norfolk Constabulary in keeping the county a safe place to live, work and visit.

Chief Constable Simon Bailey said he believed the NOSCAs helped to highlight excellence from police officers, staff and members of the community.

He said: “I am always delighted to recognise people who go that extra mile. I would urge you all to nominate and vote for those people from your local community who you believe through their actions and words have made a difference to the area in which we all live and work.”

Three new categories have been added this year including; the Police Cadet of the Year Award, the Outstanding Leadership Award and the Hannah Witheridge Special Recognition Award.

Chief Constable Bailey said: “It is very pleasing that we have introduced three new categories this year, particularly the Hannah Witheridge Special Recognition Award. This award recognises the compassion, time and commitment shown by dedicated Family Liaison Officers who assist families through traumatic times.”

Local communities will also get the opportunity to vote to award individuals who make an exceptional contribution to their neighbourhood, while the Chief Constable will be choosing recipients for the Special Recognition Award and acknowledging officers and staff with Bravery Awards, which recognise outstanding courage in the line of duty.

Followers of Norfolk Constabulary’s Facebook page will once again be asked to vote for the Police Dog of the Year –


As before, readers of the Eastern Daily Press will be invited to highlight exceptional service by choosing the Community Police Officers of the Year from a selection of officers nominated by district commanders. Voting forms will be available in the paper and online shortly.

The three other categories members of the public can nominate someone for are; the John (Cecil) Mason Volunteer of the Year, Young Citizen(s) of the Year and Community Citizen(s) of the Year.

Norfolk Safer Community Awards are funded by sponsorship from commercial and community partners.

Our 2016 sponsors are:

Eastern Daily Press

Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Norfolk

Reed Global

Shell UK Exploration and Production

City College Norwich

Dardan Security


East of England Co-operative

Norfolk Chamber of Commerce

Royal Canin

Holiday Inn


Reading Room


Voting closes in two week’s time on the 29 July 2016.

The winners and runners-up will be invited to a special awards evening taking place at Holiday Inn, Cromer Road, Norwich on Thursday 6 October 2016.

Full information about the awards and entry criteria is available on the NOSCAs website along with online nomination forms for all categories http://www.noscas.co.uk/

2016 Categories are:

1 Student Officer of the Year

2 The John (Cecil) Mason Volunteer of the Year

3 Special Constabulary Officer of the Year

4 Police Cadet of the Year

5 Police Staff Member of the Year

6 Young Citizen(s) of the Year

7 Investigator of the Year

8 Problem Solver of the Year

9 Outstanding Leadership Award

10 Community Citizen(s) of the Year

11 *The Chief Constable’s Special Recognition Award

12 *The Hannah Witheridge Special Recognition Award

13 *The Bravery Award

14a**Community Officer of the Year – Police Officer

14b**Community Officer of the Year – Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)

16 ***Police Dog of the Year

17 Outstanding Team of the Year

18 Safer Neighbourhood Team of the Year

*Chosen by the Chief Constable

**Chosen by EDP readers only

***Chosen by Norfolk Constabulary Facebook users

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