Police Update:

Police in Great Yarmouth are urging cyclists to be vigilant and ‘proper lock’ bikes after nine have been reported stolen in the past week, including from sheds and outbuildings.

Officers are urging cyclists to use good quality locks and report any incidents of suspicious activity to police.

It can take just a few seconds for a thief to steal a bike, demonstrated in a crime prevention video by Norfolk Constabulary called #ProperLockIt.

The YouTube video aims to encourage cyclists to think more about security by showing the speed and ease at which cycles can be stolen.

Other top tips for cycle security include:

• Avoid isolated or dimly lit places – leave your bike where a potential thief will be clearly visible.

• If yours is a very expensive bike, don’t lock it in the same place on a regular basis – so it won’t be noticed and stolen to order.

• Lock your bike through an immovable object – use a proper bike rack, ground anchor or robust street furniture.

• Make the lock or chain hard to manoeuvre when parked.

• Keep the gap between the bike and lock small.
Officers are advising homeowners of simple crime prevention measures as sheds and insecure outdoor buildings are often targets to opportunistic thieves.
Fit good quality locks 1/3 up and 1/3 down on the door, alternatively use a shed bar to increase security
Do not neglect the hinge either side and use security screws or bolts through their fixings
Secure the windows with a weld mesh or a crime shield product secured from the inside
If your storage area is under your surveillance or within earshot, fit a security light to deter the thief and alert you to activity near your shed or use a shed alarm, which sounds if the shed door is forced open.
Store high value items in the home
Use padlock & chain to secure item such as lawn mowers / pedal cycles to a heavy anchor point, and cable alarms can be used to link several items together
Fit curtains or blinds to windows to obscure contents
Keep a list of everything of value with make and model details & serial numbers with photographs if possible.

To see #ProperLockIt, visit www.norfolk.police.uk.

Anyone with information relating to any of the crimes should contact Great Yarmouth Police Station on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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