Policing update:

Home owners are urged to be vigilant following burglaries


Home owners are being urged to be vigilant following a number of burglaries in the past 24 hours.

Officers have issued the warning after reports of seven burglaries yesterday, Tuesday 3 January, in the Breckland, Great Yarmouth and North Norfolk areas.

In all cases thieves have forced entry into the properties with jewellery and cash being targeted.

The burglaries were in Chestnut Road in Scarning; Kingfisher Way in Watton; Lamberts Close in Weasenham; Bradenham Road in Shipdham; Church Road in Upton; Albany Road in Southtown (Great Yarmouth) and River Court in Hempton, near Fakenham.

Detective Chief Inspector Russ Wilkinson said: “It is concerning that we have seen a number of burglaries within a short space of time and it would be difficult to speculate why; however, we do not believe they are all linked. It may be a combination of opportunistic thieves taking advantage of the shorter days and knowing properties are potentially filled with new items following Christmas.

“I would urge residents to ensure their homes are secure at all times. Leave lights on and close curtains and blinds when you are out to give the impression someone is at home – thieves are less likely to approach a property if they think someone may be inside.

“It is also important to make sure garden tools and other items are locked away to prevent thieves from using them to gain access to your property.

“I would encourage local residents to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to police on 101. Pay particular attention to any unfamiliar people or cars in your neighbourhood and make a note of descriptions and number plates. However, if you believe a crime is in progress, call the police on 999.”

Anyone who may have any information about the burglaries which took place on Tuesday 3 January, or anyone with information about criminal activity in your area, should contact Norfolk Police on 101.

You can also report any information anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 or via their anonymous online form at www.crimestoppers-uk.org.

For further crime prevention advice go to www.norfolk.police.uk




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