Policing update:

NS; Christmas drink drive campaign results

More than 2,600 people were breathalysed in Norfolk and Suffolk during the Christmas drink drive campaign with 224 drivers failing.

The month-long campaign, launched on 1 December 2016, targeted drivers getting behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Additional patrols and roadside checks were carried out with Norfolk have a 6.2% fail rate while Suffolk’s was 10.7%.

In Norfolk 1,320 tests were carried out (424 following collisions) with 82 drivers providing positive readings (61 male and 21 female). Thirty-five drivers failed drug tests (32 male and 3 female).

In Suffolk 1,329 tests were carried out (450 following collisions) with 142 drivers providing positive readings (122 male and 20 female). Forty-three drivers failed drug tests (37 male and 6 female).

Chief Inspector Kris Barnard, head of the joint Roads Policing and Firearms Operations Unit, said: “It’s always disappointing to see that people are still prepared to take the risk and get behind the wheel under the influence of drink or drugs, although it is a minority.

“Dozens of people caught during the campaign would have started 2017 with a minimum 12 to 18 month driving ban, which will have massive implications on their professional and social lives.

“We target drink drivers all-year round and my plea to motorists considering getting behind the wheel after drinking or taking drugs is don’t – it’s simply not worth the risk.”

During the 2015 campaign 3,349 drivers were tested with 262 drivers providing positive readings in total for both counties. In Norfolk 1,429 tests were carried out with 90 drivers failing while in Suffolk 1,920 tests were carried out with 172 drivers failing the test.

Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner Lorne Green, said: “It is clear some drivers still don’t grasp the fact that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is dangerous and unacceptable and a selfish thing to do. I attach great importance as Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner to keeping our roads safe by closely working with Norfolk Police and partner agencies.

“It is just not worth the risk and should not be tolerated by the community. We all have a part to play in keeping our roads safe. Do yourself a favour, do everyone else a favour and don’t drive under the influence of drink or drugs and don’t let your friends or family do so.”

Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore said: “Every Christmas our message is the same and every year sadly there are still drivers that do not take heed, I find this extremely disappointing.  It beggars belief that despite the obvious dangers, too many drivers still take to the road under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

“All drivers need to understand that drink driving risks lives and the lives of others, it is grossly irresponsible and selfish.

“Too many people lose their lives on our roads and that’s why we have invested in extra roads policing – we’re doing all we can to keep our roads safe, we need everyone out on our county’s road to do the same.”

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