Road Closure:


Road closure at Hemsby Road, Martham for resurfacing

Work will begin on Saturday 18 February to carry out resurfacing works on Hemsby Road, Martham. The site will extend from the access to the Medical Centre to the junction with Walnut Tree Avenue. The work will take two days to complete subject to suitable weather conditions.

During the resurfacing works it will be necessary to close the road to all through traffic for two days.

A fully signed diversion via Somerton, Winterton & Hemsby will be in place for the duration of the works. Traffic management operatives will be available on site to guide motorists as required

Access to businesses and properties will be maintained from one end of the closure at any time but it is inevitable that there will be some disruption.  The County Council apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.

The work which will cost £47,000 will be carried out by Norfolk County Council’s Community & Environmental Services Department and their contractors.

 For Further Information

Dave Barley, Surfacing Engineer   0344 800 8020.

 Up-to-date information about roadworks in Norfolk is available on the County Council website at

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